I want to share with you a message that Apple gives each of their new employees.  “There’s work and there’s your life’s work.  The kind of work that has your fingerprints all over it.  The kind of work that you’d never compromise on.  That you’d sacrifice a weekend for.  People don’t come here to play it safe.  They come here to swim in the deep end.  They want their work to add up to something.  Something big, something that couldn’t happen anywhere else.” 

That quote pretty much sums up the work your executive board has been doing for 37 years.  Being a board member requires hard work and dedication to our members.  If you think you have what it takes to join this team, please reach out to any of us and we can talk to you further in detail about it.  Even if you don’t have the time to dedicate to being a board member, we are always looking for members who would like to assist at conference or participate on a committee.  We can find a place for your expertise! 

I set some pretty high goals for our association last year and am proud to say this team has achieved them and more!  We have revived our district training programs and will be bringing our programs to your district in 2018.  We have recently completed a huge update to the Court Clerk’s Manual, We have refreshed our website and made it mobile friendly.  We are about to launch a new association store.  We are working closely with NYSMA on several projects and most important…

Mandatory training is here!!  Effective for the calendar year 2019, all current town and village court clerks will be required to receive six (6) hours of approved annual training.  Both NYSAMCC and NYSMA will continue to work closely with each other as well as with the Office of Justice Court Support to implement this rule and continue to bring you the high quality educational programs you deserve. 

Looking forward, I have set some new goals for the association in 2018:

  • Bring live in person training to each district.
  • Implement a mentoring program for new court clerks.
  • Keep the Court Clerk Manual up to date. 
  • Establish a permanent address and phone number to be more accessible to our members.
  • Attend as many county meetings as physically possible.

I am determined to ensure that each and every one of our members has the continued support they need from this organization.  The work we do for you is important and so is your feedback.  Please reach out to me or any member of our team with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.  Remember - We are elected to represent you! 

Gillian Koerner, NYSAMCC President