I would first like to say, “Thank you” to the membership of the NYSAMCC for
having confidence in me for the position of President. I have been a part of the board
for 7 years now and have gotten a firsthand look at how hard the Board works for
you. Under my watch this will not change. My passion has always been education
for court clerks. So let me tell you this Board will continue to have close contact with
the OJCS on the content of the training material, keeping the information related to
your job not the Judges. We have had a fantastic working relationship with Alex Glick-Kutscha and Al Chapleau of the OJCS this past year developing the presentations for 2018. Your comments have shown us we are on the right track. Every member of the Board is here for you and ready to listen to any suggestions regarding education, the Docket, or on any issue we can improve for you. 2018 gave us the highest number of members we have had in years. One of my goals is to have every court clerk in New York State become a member of this Association. As a member you receive our publication The Docket as well as the password protected portion of our website, this allows you first hand notice of any updates in the law, as well as information on how the changes will affect you or your court. Our Association updates the website on a regular basis, with all kinds of information, such as Docket deadline dates for articles, dates of upcoming training sessions and where they will be held, or any item you as a member would like to post regarding your specific court or County Association.

Another goal is to simplify the procedure for the Mentoring Program. Every new or even advanced clerk should always have a friendly face to turn to for help. By Utilizing the Skype feature we all have available to us, you can allow someone access to your computer and we can show you from our office how to find or report something through the Courtroom Program, this will save a lot of time traveling and it really works great. We will be looking for experienced clerks in all districts to be the mentors. This will come through your County Reps in the near future, so make sure your County Rep or any one of the NYSAMCC Board Members, is aware if you are interested in becoming a Mentor.

When a new clerk is hired, our Association is notified, and we reach out to welcome them and make them aware of the resources that our Association has to offer. However, if you know of a newly hired clerk in your area let your County Rep know as they will reach out to that Clerk personally to introduce themselves and offer any assistance the new Clerk may require.

I truly feel it is going to be a fantastic year, this is a dedicated hard working Board and we are here for you. I am always hoping to see you at a conference, please don’t hesitate to approach me and simply say Hello, I love meeting our members from all over New York State.

My Best Regards to All,

Annie Raskoskie, President