In 1985 Sybil Kennedy said “when I became President, I remember saying to the clerks we had to crawl before we could walk. We’ve crawled, we’ve walked and now we’re ready to run.”  31 years later, we still use those same words.

Your executive board has “Hit the Ground Running.”  Our new board members have also joined in this marathon.  Everyone is busy with their respective committees researching and preparing new class topics, scouting new locations and continuing the hard work for the NYSAMCC.

In 2017 I have set these goals for our association:

  • Revive our district training programs
  • Update the Court Clerk’s Manual
  • Refresh our website
  • Work with OCA to devise a mandatory education implementation plan
  • Form a closer relationship with NYSMA

Judge Davenport, the current NYSMA president, is a former clerk which helps align her experience with her role as a judge and president of her association.  She has expressed to me that one of her goals also is to collaborate more closely with our association and keep the lines of communication open.  Even though we are separate associations, our missions are very similar.

Those of you who know me well know that I am very determined.  I don’t always accept no for an answer, especially when I truly believe in something.  I believe in the association’s mission.  I assure you that I am prepared to take on my new role as president and my determination will continue to ensure that each and every one of you have the continued support you need from this organization.

I challenge each and every one of you to lace up your sneakers and run with us!    Your board is interested in hearing from you regarding class topics or presentations, conference locations and activities.  The work we do for you is important, and so is your feedback.  Contact me or any member of our executive board.  Remember, we are elected to represent you.


Gillian Koerner, President