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*- Raising the Age Memo

In anticipation of the Raise the Age law taking effect on October 1, 2018, please find a memo which summarizes the new law and the changes to local criminal court jurisdiction. Judges and Clerks should review the memo and be familiar with its contents, as it will significantly alter which courts may handle certain charges against 16-year-old defendants, as well as Juvenile Offenders.

Several flowcharts have been prepared to further illustrate which court will have jurisdiction over a defendant, based on their age at the commission of the offense, in combination with the date of the offense.

Please review the attached memo and flowcharts and feel free to contact the Office of Justice Court Support to discuss this new law and any questions you may have.

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- supporting the bench

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- What are the rules of the court clerks

Court Clerks can:

1. Explain court rules and procedures.
2. Explain available options for your case or problem.
3. Provide past case rulings.
4. Provide cites to, or copies of, the law.
5. Explain public court operations and jobs.
6. Describe court records and their availability.
7. Provide public case information.
8. Tell you how to make a complaint.
9. Refer you to other offices or persons.
10. Provide forms with instructions.

But Court Clerks cannot:

1. Suggest the procedures you should follow.
2. Provide opinions about which option to chose.
3. Predict what the court will do.
4. Analyze the law based on the specifics of your case.
5. Provide information derived from the decision-making process.
6. Provide access to sealed or confidential case records.
7. Provide confidential case information.
8. Give opinions about your complaint.
9. Make referrals based on personal preference.
10. Provide or suggest the information to enter on forms.

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