history of the association

THE NEW YORK STATE ASSOCIATION OF MAGISTRATES COURT CLERKS was organized September 18, 1979 at Brown’s hotel in Lock Sheldrake, New York. There were 12 people present. Constitution and By-Laws were adopted September 15, 1980.The clerks organized and volunteered their hard work and time for the Association. The following officers from the start are as follows: President, Evelyn Sivecz of Alden, Erie Co., First VP Sheryl Lipps of Clifton Park, Saratoga Co., Second VP Rita Cilchrist of Freeport, Nassau Co., Third VP, Margaret Kopunck of Blauvelt, Rockland Co.,Secretary, JoAnn Dixon, of Chatham,Columbia Co., and Dora Schultz of Gallatin, Columbia Co. It was an exciting time and an enormous undertaking.

President, Evelyn Sivecz said “The aims of the new association should encompass education, improve the Court Clerical system, accomplish a closer liaison with other departments, Courts and clerks in the state and allow us to be a greater service to our justices and the communities they serve.

On May 9, 2000 the New York State Legislation adopted a resolution proclaiming May 20th Court Clerks Day. By our first conference we were paying dues of $5.00 and $10.00 was the registration fee. The conference was held with the Judges at the Nevele in the Catskills. We had an informal bulletin that Sybil Kennedy issued until 1984.

What We've Said

A Legacy to Court Clerks: by Helen Matte, deceased, Town of Cortland Court Clerk

Senior Judge

Leaps tall building with a single bound
Is more powerful than a locomotive
Is faster than a speeding bullet
Walks on water
Gives policy to God

Junior Judge

Leaps short building with a single bound
Is more powerful than a switch engine
Is just as fast as a speeding bullet
Walks on water if sea is calm
Talks to God

Court Clerks

Lift tall building and walk beneath
Kick locomotives off the tracks
Catch speeding bullets between their teeth
Freeze water with a single glance

Timeline of events & trivia

1984 “The Docket’ was adopted as our official court clerks magazine. Patricia Coffey was the editor.  TSLED(Traffic Safety Law Enforcement and Disposition) was developed and implemented.

1985 From the Docket November 1985 by Sybil Kennedy: when I became President, I remember saying to the clerks we had to crawl before we could walk. We’ve crawled, we’ve walked and now we’ve ready to run

1986 First Court Clerks banquet at the Fallsview. The judges banquet was the next night over next door    at the Nevele. Comm. Patricia Aducci was our first speaker from DMV.

1987 Highlight of the conference at the Fallsview was a skit on Do’s and Don’ts for Court Clerks.

1988 Patricia Coffey resigns as Editor of the Docket,  Amy Harter becomes Editor of the Docket.

1989 Surcharge goes from $10.00 to $17.00 for traffic infractions.

1990 Jackie Smith from DCJS exploring court automation. Membership over 550 members. Mark Glick, Esq. and Maryrita Dobiel, Esq. were named attorneys appointed to serve Town Village Resource Center.

1991 Gloria Morse resigned as 3rd VP as she was elected Town Justice in the Town of Wappinger Falls. Bail poundage adopted.

1992 Joyce Mahoney elected President. President Mahoney ‘s goal during her presidency was to strengthen the affiliation between the organizations of the NYSAMCC and NYSMA as well as enhance classes for the new clerks. She achieved both. 

1993 Gala 50’s party at conference in Rochester. The jitterbug was the style for the evening.

1994 As of May 672 paid members.

1995 All courts required to provide protection orders.

1999 737 paid members.

2000 1st teleconference in Albany with President Richard Szarowicz, Mary Spicalsky, and Barbara Hodom participated along with various state agencies.

2001 Hon. Gene Salisbury retired after 40 plus years of service to the bench. He was a very big supporter of Court Clerks and he is truly missed.

2002 “E” Ticket (electronic ticket in the development stage.)

2003 Assoc. of Towns conference 2 plus feet of snow in the “Big Apple”..

2004 New format for Docket – upscale magazine by Amy Harter.

2005 25th Annual conference. Jackie Smith retires from DCJS

2006 Amy Harter visits Herkimer Co. Courthouse celebrating their 100th anniversary.


2009 Welcome to the “capital of NEW YORK for our annual conference in Colonie, N.Y.

2010 Happy 30th anniversary which was held at the Holiday Inn in Colonie. We are over 1000 paid members.

2011 Kevin Reilly of OCA was able to secure salary increases for several Court Clerks. The Ethics Committee was established. 

2012- Celebrate the season with a beach luau, Neal Shoen, Chief Council to NYSDMV was our Key Note Speaker; and our Association welcomed a new member of the team, Assistant Docket Editor Stephanie Timm-Austin

2013 - On March 27, 2013 - The loss of an Icon, Mentor and Friend - The Honorable Eugene W. Salisbury - Judge Salisbury was very supportive and instrumental in our association.

2014 - NYSAMCC celebrate the launch of the new website and joins Facebook…don’t forget to LIKE US ;)

2015 - Kevin Reilly, a friendly smile that accompanied the familiar greeting of "Hello my friend" retires. He will be missed by many and be remembered as the great supporter who not only answered our questions he supported us when asking our towns for raises.

2016- Adoption of a New NYSAMCC Logo; Congratulations to Janet Smith as she was appointed to the newly created position of Editor in Chief of The Docket. 2016 Neil Schoen retires from DMV 

2018 - Jackie Ricciardi - Creates the quote: “Justice is blind, court clerks shouldn’t be, education is the key”.

2019 - Annual Conference Photos - Click Here