Web Announcement


REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS QUICKLY APPROACHING!  Our 2017 Fall Conference in Ellicottville has far exceeded our expectations. As of today, 8/14/17, there are 11 rooms left at the Tamarack, and only 4 Double Rooms left at the Inn.  This is great news! Unless you have not made your reservation yet!!!  Don’t miss out.  Send in your housing and tax exempt form today.  Deadline is August 18th. 


Unfortunately, there has been a major setback with the program we use to track payments.  All of the 2017 payment information has been lost and needs to be reentered.  We are working on the problem, but it will take some time.  If you have sent in your dues or your conference registration and have not received a receipt… PLEASE BE PATIENT.  We will get it out to you as soon as possible.  Thank You.


We are finalizing the schedule and will post it once it is complete.  In the meantime, here are the classes you should anticipate being able to attend:  BASIC – Intro to the Court Clerk Position, Fiscal Responsibilities, CDR, Into to Civil Actions, TSLED, Web DVS, Digital Recorder/Outlook, Intro to Criminal Procedure LawADVANCED – Advanced DWI, Violations of Probation, Civil and Criminal Appeals, Advanced Wed DVS, Advanced CDR, DWAI Drugs, Advanced TSLEDELECTIVES – All in the Details, En Con, DIY Forms, Forms class, Records Management, EJustice, CJIS Audits, Advanced Fiscal, Bail Me Out.