By-Law Amendments





The following By-Law changes will be presented to the membership at the Annual Fall Meeting on Monday, September 17, 2018.


a.      Judicial Membership: This change offers the opportunity for Elected or Appointed Magistrates to become non-voting members, yet receive the same benefits, communication, and information a clerk of the court receives.

b.      Affixing the Record Date: This change is to alleviate any confusion regarding deadlines, by setting a definite date that an individual’s membership is to be paid in full by.

c.       Annual Dues: Although the Board attempts to keep costs to a minimum, we find it necessary to increase the annual dues, as it has been (3) three years since our last change.  This increase will help to offset publication demands of The Docket, general inflation, and additional costs the Association incurs as laid out in the annual budget.


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