NYSAMCC Members Corner

Member Instructions

Welcome to the New York State Association of Magistrates Court Clerks official website. Below are the instructions for both soon to be members and current paid members. Read carefully and follow the simple instructions to obtain a new membership or activate a current paid membership.

New Members or those who wish to Join the Association

1. Submit application and dues to become a member of the NYSAMCC - (Please note the 2019 Membership Application will be posted on our site by January 1, 2019)

If you are NOT a current member of the NYSAMCC, then Click Here to obtain an application. Fill out the form. The form will provide the address of where to mail the check along with your invoice.

2. Obtain online Access

Once you have submitted your dues and application for membership to NYSAMCC, The membership chair will approve your access once your application and dues are received. Once the membership chair approves your access, Login with the information given to you. You have successfully signed up and are now an official member, with an online account.

Advantages of being a member

The New York State Association of Magistrates Court Clerks would like to invite you to be a part of the only organization in New York State comprised of members who, like you, understand exactly the responsibilities of being an intricate part of a Town or Village Court.  NYSAMCC is a Court Clerk’s lifeline to information. We are encouraging all Court Clerks and all non-judicial court personnel from the New York State Town and Village Courts to join and become part of our exciting group.

Our association was formed in 1979 with just 12 members as non-profit organization whose main purpose is to educate court clerks.  We have grown a great deal since then with currently over 1100 paid members located in over 1200 justice courts in New York State.  It is due to the support and strength of our membership that we continue making progress in education.  This year we named our membership drive “Become Part of SOMETHING BIG”, 

Membership conveys exclusive benefits and privileges, including but not limited to the following:

  • A lifeline of valuable training information for Clerks. In addition to our annual conference, we sponsor district trainings to ensure that you are receiving the tools you need to do your job. We also have an education program every year at the Association of Towns Conference and at SUNY Potsdam.

  • The ability to network with other clerks who have tremendous knowledge and experience in helping to maintain their own Justice Courts in an accurate, efficient and professional manner.

  • A large, robust membership that, along with your support and membership, means we have a stronger voice to help change and generate new ideas. Your membership also benefits our Judges and the communities that we serve – well-trained and educated clerks are efficient and ensure court operations run smoothly! They also reduce risk and liability to the municipality.

  • The Association acts as a liaison with the Office of Court Administration, Office of Justice Court Support, Office of New York State Comptroller, the Department of Motor Vehicles, New York State Probation Department, Department of Criminal Justice Services and the NYS Magistrates Association. All of these agencies are an integral part of the training and educational programs that the Association prepares for its members so that all Court Clerks have access to the agencies and people who are a part of our everyday court operations.

  • Subscription to The Docket, the Association’s magazine published semi-annually that is packed full of helpful up to date information.

  • Voting rights to elect board members who represent your interests as well as the right to vote on items at the Association’s annual business meeting.

  • Access to the protected portion of our website (www.nysamcc.com) is free with payment of your dues and includes members only content on the site that you surely won’t want to miss. I encourage you to visit our website. It provides many tools you will need as well as dates and locations of training events and conferences. You can also access a complete and detailed listing of all members of the executive board and county representatives who can act as a valuable resource to you when those new or difficult situations arise.

With Mandatory Training becoming effective in 2019 the NYSAMCC needs a large body of clerks to stand behind the executive board so we continue to have a say in what content our educational classes will have. As a united Association with a Full Membership, our voice will be heard.

So sign up now....add to our membership numbers...have your vote count. Help us fight for your training by becoming a member of this great Association!!

Jane Curtiss - Membership Chair